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A simple video consultation tool for medical facilities

Why Comarch MedCall?

A simple and free application for patientsThe use of a mobile application solves the problem of camera and microphone accessibility compared to web applications. Comarch MedCall does not require creating a user account.

Online consultations for medical facilitiesComarch MedCall provides a simple and secure way to provide medical advice at a distance. The tool is perfect for POZ and AOS medical facilities and for remote psychiatric care.

Talk with the patient comfortably and safely

Comarch MedCall, unlike popular messengers, is a tool dedicated to medical facilities. It is distinguished by a high level of security and ensures confidentiality during online consultations.

Comprehensive video consultation

Within the online consultation doctor is authorized to issue an e-prescription or electronic sick leave note.

The patient's identity is verified at the beginning of the online consultation - the doctor can ask for a PESEL number and verify it in his medical documentation.

Quick start - create an account and work remotely

To start using Comarch MedCall, just set up an account for a medical entity or doctor. Comarch MedCall does not require integration with the internal system of a medical facility.

Video consultations can be performed after logging in and entering the patient's phone number. The patient receives a call from the doctor in the mobile application.

See how simple it is

You register the patient as usual: in person, by phone or through a registrant.
There is no need for the patient to appear in the clinic. Instead, he should wait for the agreed video connection.
Send the patient an SMS invitation to download the application
The patient downloads and installs
Comarch MedCall application on the phone
The patient provides his telephone number during activation
At the appointed time you start the video consultation
The patient receives a
video call in the application

The free application is available to patient on the App Store and on Google Play

Frequently asked questions